8 comments on “I WILL NOT COME DOWN

  1. You have a natural gift Kent. Your stories show a lot of symbolic vision that resonates deep in the heart. Not every man can publicly share his most sincere and humble emotions publicly, but you have, and it shows your true vulnerable self. Imperfections and all, fears, faith and fortitude, and there’s nothing more real and beautiful than that. You’re taking a stand – it’s as though you’re giving a public promise to yourself and your beliefs, holding yourself accountable to the world, and that’s powerful. The Lord loves you, and has given you so many talents and gifts. Keep your head up or the crown falls. Much love. – Erin

  2. You really do have a gift with words, Kent. Very few men would be so willing to share their deepest thoughts and emotions publically, for the entire world to see. You do so in a way that lifts and inspires, and it’s a testiment of your faith and your fortitude. You paint your experiences with symbolism, with deep emotion, and they are relateable, real and raw. When you bear your testimony publically, you are making promises to yourself, to the Lord, and to the world that you’re taking a stand in what you believe in, and we can feel your pain, and your humility. Imperfections and all, you will not come down – I have no doubt. Thank you for your heartfelt words, I can feel the spirit when you write. -Erin 🙂

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