6 comments on “RelationSHIPS and Gender roles

  1. Kent, I’m impressed with your depth and your comments.

    You are always looking for the lessons along the way and committed to learning and growing. That’s a great quality to have.

    I like your ocean analogy, and it reminded me of the story when Jesus calms the sea. We may feel like He is asleep and everything is in chaos around us, however, He is there. He will answer our call for help and come to calm the sea. Whether it’s the sea raging in us, or the actual sea, He is there.

    Love you Kent. So happy you are in a good place and willing to see things in a bigger perspective. Whoever becomes your partner will be truly special. You have so much to give.

    I love you, brother!!

    ps-you’re reading all kinds of books lately… that’s awesome!

  2. Kent,

    I am an avid follower of Dr. Wayner Dyer publications, and also a Christian and I loved how ‘real’ this post was, your insights and relatability reminds us that we are all humans, it’s healthy to want to be loved and desired and as woman came from man who came from God with the beauty in husbands loving their brides as christ so loved the church it’s true that we know there’s partner for us out there, that will be the one who comes on the journey with us, completes life with us in readiness to meet our Abba in heaven at the end of our days.

    I complete empathise with you on this post and commend you on your fantastic knack for putting it in to words. 🙂 I’ve already found myself skimming through some of your other posts! 🙂

  3. Thank you Kent! Thank you for being open to share your testimony, your trials/you’re blessings through those trials, and that your ultimate goal is to have an eternal family. I don’t know any guy, anywhere close to your age, that is willing to admit, on their own; the temple is where they want to be, and that they strive to live with Christ at the center of their life. It seems as though it’s only girls who openly say they are going to marry in the temple and the guys just go along with it, maybe cause they think it’s not the cool thing to do? Even if that is what they want, they don’t talk openly about it (unless asked). Trust me, it’s great to hear a man say it! It gives me hope that there are good men out there still!

    I’m sure that you will find your queen, just as sure as I am that I will find my king. The dating game, especially within the church, is not an easy one to have to play. I know you won’t settle for anything less than perfect for you, as it should be! You seem like a great guy and you’re queen will be very blessed to have you be a part of her life.

    Thanks again for being so open and willing to share your testimony!

    Regarding your gender roles: I agree, the guy needs to be the guy, the girl needs to be the girl! Some may say it’s old fashioned; but if you look back, what were the marriage rates? And the divorce rates? Obviously things worked a lot better that way! Not to say a woman can’t be a strong individual, she just needs a strong man with her by her side. But at the end of the day…he needs to be the man, she needs to be the woman! 🙂

    Best of luck to you on your journey!

  4. This reminds me of a quote, “Sometimes Christ calms the sea and sometimes He calms the sailor.” Say “hi” to your mom from me. We went to high school together.

  5. are u kidding me with your “gender roles”. also it seems to me you’re blaming carlie. look in the mirror and maybe you will see you were part of the problem. stop blame shifting. i better not get hate comments. this is about honesty isn’t it? well, that is me being honest. deal with it.

    as for the rest of the blog i do find you to be a good writer and you express yourself really well. maybe you should write a book about relationships and god. you seem to have alot of deep opinions about it. as much as i don’t agree with your “gender roles” excuse. i do hope you find what you’re looking for. i believe everyone on this planet has a true love and you’ll find yours someday.

    • i wasnt blaming carlie or gender roles on my failed relationship. Do I think it contributed? YES but Anytime it doesnt work out it is always on both people involved and it is usually complicated with many factors involved. i made a lot of mistakes and if you read any of my other posts you would see that I am not afraid to take responsibility or put blame on myself. My “Man in the Mirror” post is a perfect example. The whole relationship caused me to really do a self evaluation. And as far as monitoring the comments, I am keeping my blog and everything that surrounds it positive and uplifting to help inspire others. Anything short of that is not worth keeping up. I appreciate criticism and gladly accept it but doesnt mean I need to post it for all to see. Thanks for your comments!

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