1. I loved reading this! Such a beautiful post. It brought me much comfort from what I read about relationships. I personally just left a relationship for it not progressing, but still dont know if it was the right reason and your post gave me hope that there might be something better! Keep blogging spiritual blogs that’s all I used to do until people thought I was a crazy molly mormon haha. Keep your head up! Gods on your side 🙂

  2. Kent – My GF pointed out to me during the summer that you were going to be the Mormon Bach, and then we all read that you bowed out. I have been following your blog since then, its been truly helpful to me and my struggles. Reading between the lines, things didnt turn out the way you had hoped with her?? Just remember, we can’t force things, and the Lord will bless you when the time is right. I have to keep reminding myself that and its easier said than done. Thank you for your blog, it really has helped me.

  3. Hi Kent

    I have been following your blogs since you were on the Mormon Bachelor. I really enjoy reading them. They are so insightful to me it really helps me with my current struggles also. I just always remember it the Lords Timing, even though it seems hard at times. ☺

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