9 comments on “Becoming a “Man of Principle”

  1. I appreciate the good wishes man you seem like a great person even though i don’t know you thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

  2. Really happy for you and Carlie shes seems like the type of persone that is a joy to be around. Just a quick question. I like a lot of things about your religion however there are some things that stump me. If I want to take on anythig in life I want to know everything I can about it first. It seems like in your religion if anyone tries to tell you anythjing bad about it the “shutter go up” and you dont listen. All the ex mormons I have read interviews by said they started researching and found lots of things that are not tought today and that they could not turn a blind eye too.
    I saw on youtube the other day a whole list of terrible quotes from Brigham young that were racsit, sexist and the list goes on. I think the churches teachings today are wondrful but how do you all trun a blind eye to the churches history.
    I hope you have the time to answer.
    And I hope everything continues to go well for you and Carlie, you seem perfect for one another.
    Elesha from Australia

    • First of all, thanks for your comments!!!

      My heart goes out to you in Australia and that you would take time out of your day to read my blog.
      Also, as far as our church and the research you have done on it…you should always base your decisions not on assumptions or what an ex-mormon would say or something on the internet but on how you personally feel. Have you read the Book of Mormon? Do you have any friends who are mormon?

      How do you feel when you read my blog about Christ? How do you feel about the teachings of our church?
      The teachings of Christ are perfect but people are never perfect.

      Leaders in our church have made mistakes most definitely!!! We do not turn a blind eye to our history in the church because those early days are what made our church strong. Mormons today are not racist or sexist or anything like that. But back in the early days it was the wild west. Every white person was sexist and racist etc etc!!! Those quotes may or may not be true I have no idea.

      But back in the 1800s it was a different world. The Lord will raise leaders appropriate for the time that the world is in. For example , hundreds of years ago he called up Moses when the Israelites were taken captive by the Egyptians. He had his character flaws (the bible said he was a bad speaker) so God gave him Aaron to speak for him. God always takes care of his purposes.

      The Bible also says “by their fruits ye shall know them.” Well the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints started in 1830 with only 6 members…now it has over 12 million and counting and it is the fastest growing church in the world. It has brought me so much joy and peace and happiness. If I could find greater joy in a different church than i would follow that.

      Ayway my heart goes out to you in your personal search for the truth. Remember let no one convince you but let God answer your prayers. He will lead you to all truth if you ask him. Have you spoken with mormon missionaries??

      Best of luck,


      • Thankyou so much for ansering my question and for doing it honestly. It a makes sence what you are saying. TImes were differnt back then.

        I am reading the BOM right now and trying to absorb all of it. The thing that has had the greatest impact on me so far is a movie on Joseph Smith on youtube. It was really well done and shone a light on someone I had no understaning off prior to watching it.

        I have not spoken to any missionaries. But did pray that if this was the path God wanted me to take would he please send me some. I got some Jehovas whitnesses lol but no missionaries yet… We will see.

        I will continue to pray about this and see were this takes me.

        Thanks again and all the best.


  3. Kent I am so glad that Carlie found you… I am only a viewer on YouTube but anyone could see in her stories on The Mom’s View that she was hurt by her ex husband. You not only show her great love and respect but also Cooper, which I think is so important. I am not LDS but I just wanted to tell you personally that the ShayTard Rebellionites welcome you with open arms and warm hearts! Marry that girl!

  4. Hey! First of all I want to congratulate you and Carlie, hope everything goes right! You look very happy, and she’s a lucky girl, I love the way you descrive her, very respectful. You don’t see that everyday in these days, but the way you talk about her makes me think that I cannot settle for nothing less than that, right?

    Well, enough said about your beautiful relationship. I came to you blog the first time because I’m a Shaytards fan, and someone posted a link about your first post writing about this new relationship you got yourself into. Then I realize you are mormon, and for some reason I kept on reading all the post, I mean including the paragraphs where you only wrote about your beliefs. It’s very interesting, I’m an atheist and while reading this I didn’t feel like someone trying to change my mind about my beliefs, I felt so much love and the need to be a better person, that’s what this blogs inspire me to do, be a better person.

    I’ve not heard much about the Mormon church, I guess it’s not very “popular” in my country, I was raised as a catholic and the other religion I knew was christianity (Evangelical (?)) because friends of mine where in that church.. But I never met someone in the mormon church, so is very interesting to me to get to know your principles and beliefs.

    I heard you did you mission on Ecuador??

    Well, I really wish you the best, I’ll keep on reading your posts and try to be better with myself and others.

    Thanks for the inspiration, you are great and deserve everything good that’s happening in your life. Take care of Carlie.


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