9 comments on “Mother’s Day: Becoming Selfless

  1. What a sweet post kent!!! We really are so lucky to have such a selfless mom. She is incredible and I have so much more respect for her now that I’m a mom! It’s not for whimps. Wish we were all together today. Miss you and glad you’re so happy and looking at this experience with the right perspective!

  2. Hi Kent,
    What a great son you are. You and your mom are so lucky. When you find love it will just feel right. Like the connection is there, like family. Good luck..hope your EC (eternal companion) is finding you soon. Auntie Rae
    ps. I saw a cute quote.. “I feel in love with a boy….he calls me mom” a lot of us moms feel like that. Our boys are amazing special people to us.

  3. Aww. Sweet. It’s crazy how much mothers do for us…always…without even being asked most of the time. I pray I can be half the woman my mom is when I grow up.

  4. Kent!!! We have been through thick and thin together:) what a gift your words are to me. Thank you for the wonderful mothers day! You have a such big heart 💛 I love you!!

  5. I stumbled onto this post by accident but decided to read it anyway. Your mom sounds amazing! I too have a great appreciation for my mother, however she would be the type to throw water on me or tickle my feet to no end. Best of luck on your journey with “The Mormon Bachelor” there is no doubt that the girls will luck out to take a chance with you. In my entire life I have never read a testimony like yours unless it was from one of our tender prophets or apostles. I think its a rarity for a regular guy to express his emotions and love for his gospel and of course for his mother. You sure do have it going on!

    Once again, best of luck on your dates!


  6. That was beautiful. Your mother is very fortunate to have such a loving son. I stumbled upon your blog while rocking my sweet baby boy to sleep and your words brought such warmth in my heart. I hope I can be as good as a mother that your momma was to you, and I hope my son will feel as you feel towards your momma. Kent, let me just tell you that I can’t even begin to explain the love I have for my husband and child. They are my world, my everything. I wish all the happiness in the world for you. That being said- congratulations on becoming the mormon bachelor! I didn’t even know we had a mormon bachelor! I wish you good luck on your upcoming experiences- I hope you find your true love! BUT by the SLIGHT chance you don’t, I have an incredible beautiful single sister I would love for you to meet. Reading your blog made me think of her, and trust me, I don’t set her up with just anyone, but I could feel the honesty and sincerity in this post. I especially love that you are striving to keep yourself temple and priesthood worthy. Suerte desde Arkansas!

  7. This is an absolutely beautiful post. I can relate to many of your experiences with your mother (sports, early morning seminary, etc.) Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. I truly appreciate your open testimony. I also appreciate your approach to relationships; it’s definitely made me stop and think how I approach dating/relationships. Again, thank you.

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