14 comments on “Hater Nation

  1. All I can really say after reading your post is THANK YOU. That is exactly the message I needed to hear (and need reminding of from time to time). Life can already be hurtful, we shouldn’t add to the difficulty by being haters (which will add to our own personal struggles). We have been called to be an example to others because we are to spend our time on this earth looking to Heavenly Father and emulating our savior Jesus Christ.

  2. Kent, you have a gift in expressing your feelings. What an open, honest post and so well said. Thanks for your insights, your stories and your good heart. I am so proud of you and all the HATING you’ve endured…You have the perfect frame of mind to move forward with all of this. I love you and good luck…We’re ROOTING for you!!!! xooxox

    • Opps, that was from me, your sister…Jill…not Michael. haha. Although he does love you too~

  3. Kent! I appreciate the shout out for me, two-fers, AND the wisdom of Thumper from Bambi:)
    Yes, you have come so far from “that shy boy that wears Nike”:) I love your healthy mature attitude on things. When someone points out one of my imperfections, I like to think of it as a “blind spot” like when you are driving. I also try to think of it as a refining process…who wouldn’t want an opportunity to turn a weakness into a strength….right??? Every criticism is a little easier to swallow from that perspective. Living to prove our critics wrong can be a powerful motivator for good. True, life is hard enough…why not all try to be on the same team:) I often think of the quote…”I’ll lift you and you lift me, and we’ll both ascend together.” I admire the courage and faith it takes for you and every single girl who applied to put themselves out there for the chance to find happiness. I hope my heart strings can endure this whole process!!! I LOVE YOU! MOM

  4. What amazing insight Kent! While I wasn’t quick enough to get a video in to go on a date, I wish you well with this endeavor!

  5. I love this post. When we first started The Mormon Bachelorette there were so many “haters”. It was difficult at times to keep a positive attitude about the huge project we were taking on! It was especially tough for Aubrey who was publicly scrutinized by judgmental friends and strangers. We tried to ignore all the negativity out there and we moved forward without a second thought. Here’s my thoughts on how great you are for doing this Kent http://erinadventurous.blogspot.com/2012/05/like-kent-said-also-inspired-by-adam.html – we are going to have a lot of fun finding you true love! I’m your biggest fan!

  6. Moroni 7:18… It relates great to one thing you said.. Not going to lie, I’ve watched so many of the other girls videos that in my heart I was a ‘hater’. Luckily a day later I realized how much it hurt me inside to feel that way. Once I started seeing them as daughters of God and as my sisters I felt so much better about myself and them. I’m proud to say im trying to stop being a hater. Thank you for this post. I loved it. Sometimes it’s easy to hate when we feel envy but it only hurts us. Some times it’s easy to judge when we have been hurt. I remember the phone call with my dad when I found out of his affair.. I wanted to hate, but as soon as I spoke all I could feel was love and I told him I forgave him right away. It feels so much better to be a lover then a hater. I guess my life’s a little more public now too, but hey it helps to care about someone once you understand them. Every time I don’t think I’ll like someone I get to know them. My mind quickly changes. 🙂 there’s my two cents. Thanks again for the inspiration Kent.

  7. Through my whole tennis career I was “hated” on by my teammates and their parents. I was publicly humiliated by one of the mom’s during practice, and by my teammates during a match. I didn’t qualify for regionals because the parents ran the show, and they didn’t want me to go in place of another girl who I could beat. That summer I gave it my all. I spent every moment of my life working out, hitting, and playing in tournaments to prove to them that I was the best. I became the number one spot on the team the next year and eventually made it to state.My mom always told me to fake it till you make it and that’s been my motto ever sense. Everyone’s circumstances are different, but life is so much better when you don’t let the “haters” get in the way of your happiness. I really enjoyed reading this post and all of the encouraging comments! Good luck with this whole process Kent!

  8. I was very surprised by the music in that highlight video. It repeatedly used a word that most consider taboo (for good reason). It did not seem to mirror the picture perfect image that is represented in Kent’s blog…which only makes me question the sincerity/veracity of his posts.

    I am actually trying not to hate….I am only trying to reconcile the “exceptional” person I am reading about with the person who chose to post that basketball highlight video (and its corresponding music content).

    On an unrelated note, you can jump really high….that is so great.

    • thanks I knew I would get one or two people to say something about that…Which means I probably shouldn’t have put it up!!! thanks for saying something. I was debating whether to or not because I want people to see some of my basketball world but I shouldn’t have attached those songs to it a year ago when a friend made the video in the first place. Im sorry if it was offensive.

  9. Wow! Kent I have just read everything on this site. It was very long but I appreciated the chance to see what makes you tick. You remind me so much of the spiritual power and strength in my husband. You both seem to have the same drive for life. Marriage is a powerful growing experience with many ups and downs but with your kind of faith and commitment the miracles that come are incredible. I’ll be praying that you and my sister Kathleen Ramos will get a chance to make it work.

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