4 comments on “Single and Steadfast

  1. We are sending prayers your way that you will find the happiness that your desire. Two years of marriage have taught me that a lot is in the Lord’s timing. It took me till 29 to meet the man I married. I am so glad that I did not settle because I ended up with someone perfect for me. We serve in the temple together and do many of the things that are important to us both. My motto is be true to yourself. If you give up who you truly are for a relationship that cannot be a happy one. But if within that relationship you blossom and grow and become more than you ever thought possible, if that person adds to you and you to them, then it will likely be a happy one.

      • Sorry. I was using my blog screen name. I did not mean to cause fear. I was trying to send a message of encouragement. Heather Johnson. Had some of the same classes and did study groups. Namely the LAS class with professor Grover and the Latin American Geography class.

  2. Your posts really make me think, and analyze my past relationships. Some ended on good terms and some on not so good terms, but in each one I can truly say I’ve learned something from each one of the guys. Thanks for helping me remember that and put it all in perspective again!

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