5 comments on “Pretty Woman

  1. I was feeling a little guilty all the way down until you mentioned me as a good example. Thanks! It’s very thoughtful and insightful. Lucky will be the girl who marries you! Love Dad

  2. Kent!!! A son and brother who has won the love, respect, and admiration of his mother and sisters is more precious than gold!!! Thank you for all of your kind words:) Keep being the nice guy….They are much happier in the end!!!! You have learned so much from all of your experiences with pretty women;) Thanks for sharing….

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you. A friend of mine just directed me to this blog. I love talking about stuff like this. All of what you said is soooo true. The sad thing is no one will admit to it. I am glad that there are men out there in the world that get it like I believe you do. I hope you are teaching all the men around you this too. Again, THANK YOU.

  4. I love your blog. It makes me want to be a better woman. Specifically, I really like this post. I’ve really been trying to understand your third point and I’m having a hard time. I’ve just always had the understanding that I should be working towards needing validation from Heavenly Father and from Him alone in order to be happy, since our worth comes from our relationship with Him. I guess I’m just wondering if you would be able to explain why you believe that is an eternal principle a little bit more?

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